The Trail Project

Our goal is to build a trail along the east side of the lake from Main Beach at the north end to the Creekside Mills development, next to The Cottages, at the south end. We plan on building this trail between the highway and the lake for its entire length. There are existing trails all along the lakeside including Main Beach, Sunnyside Campground, parts of the highway, in and out of various BC Parks and their campgrounds. Much of the route our trail will take is therefore already built but just not connected or signed, or necessarily safe to walk along. We also would like to facilitate branches to existing trails like Teapot Hill, Seven Sisters and TransCanada Trail.

• Encourage healthy living and physical fitness.
• Attract a diversity of visitors including new Canadians.
• Be accessible to all income levels and people with limited mobility.
• Offer sight-seeing, nature appreciation and education.